Mouth Guards

Argo Custom Guards

Why Choose a Custom made Argo Guard:

  • These mouth guards are only available from your dentist.
  • Properly designed and custom fabricated sports guards are essential in the prevention of oral/facial injuries when participating in contact sports like hockey, rugby, judo etc.
  • A properly fitted custom sports guard is comfortable to wear, resilient, tear resistant, odourless and tasteless, and will cause minimal interference when speaking.


The correct sports guard will be made depending on the type of sport undertaken:

  • Mid-Impact – Judo, Rugby – i.e. Sports where the head is not the initial target and there is no use of a bat or hard ball.
  • High-Impact – Hockey, Boxing and Martial Arts – i.e. where the head may be the target or when a bat and hard ball are in use.

Have there been any previous facial/dental injuries that we need to be aware of?

Is the person undergoing any Orthodontic treatment?

The custom made sports guards are designed by the dentist and fulfill the criteria for adaptation, retention, comfort and stability of the material.

We custom make sports guards using a vacuum system using a poly copolymer (EVA – ethylene vinyl-acetate), which is Virgin FDA approved. The vacuum sports guard is then trimmed and polished to allow for proper tooth and gum adaptation.

Our custom made sports guards can be made in multiple thicknesses depending on the type of sport. All custom made sports guards will include patient identification, such as their name.



Clear: £30
Single Color: £30
Stripes: £40
Animal Stripes and Specials: £40
Flags: £40


Clear: £35
Single Color: £35
Stripes: £45
Animal Stripes and Specials: £45
Flags: £45

Additional advice regarding custom sports guards is also available on the British Dental Health Foundation Website.

Additional Services

  1. One of our qualified members of staff will arrange to visit the school or club at a time or day suitable for everyone to take the impressions of each individual requiring a custom sports guard.
  2. We will then arrange a further visit where we will fit the custom made sports guard, to ensure a correct fit.
  3. We will endeavour to provide a 3 day turn around service, but in extreme circumstances, we may be able to offer a next day service.
  4. The service will be available every new term to ensure all pupils have the service readily available to them.
  5. Online booking system available and payment can be made by all Debit and major Credit Cards.
  6. Full terms and conditions available on request.